About us

Our company

We are DigiTeh — Quite  new  here in the UK ,we started in 2015 , but we are part of SERVICE GSM, well stablished in Europe,  been in mobile phones repair business from 1997, trusted and leading mobile phone accessories and repair specialists, serving customers for more than 23 years.

Bestool.uk is part of Digiteh Mobile Phone Division

   Our values include:
  • Serving clients with integrity,
  • Maintaining a consistent and high standard of service delivery,
  • Providing quality and innovative solutions
  • Delivering excellence in service, each and every time
  • Striving for complete customer satisfaction.

Our team


                Bestool.uk is part of DigiTeh

We started out small. Today we pride ourselves for building a widespread network of 140  companies  working with us as trustable major mobile phone testing, repair, grading, QC or Repairs Solution  supplier  across the UK.

  Bestool.uk is part of our DigiTeh Mobile Phones Divisions.

Our Other Services

If you have regular repairs requirements we would be pleased to welcome you as a Corporate or Trade Customer.

Corporate and Trade Repairs

We can provide Safe Checks for each Apple iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Samsung Phone or Tablet.
 Using our service will provide you all extra informations for not loosing time, money and hassle free, avoiding important but essential issues like Warranty, Network Lock, iCloud, Lost/Stolen, Genuine, Refurbished and much more

Full Device Info/Statuts Check