DGT Special Forumula Colophony Rosin BGA/SMD/SMT 14g


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DGT Special Forumula Colophony Rosin BGA/SMD/SMT  Mobile phones repairing 14g Free Delivery !!

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DGT Special Forumula Colophony Rosin BGA/SMD/SMT Mobile phones repairing 14g

 Special Formula WW Grade Colophony Rosin with activators and Hi grade flux added to facilitate soldering of special alloys metals contacts and components found in mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

 It allow you to reflow/solder from low to hi temp, easy clean liquid damaged boards but also reflow-replace-stabilize audio ic's, charging ic's or other fragile componnents.  Leaving a thin layer on the board after liquid damage repair or audio ic it will increase componnents life preventing oxidising and protecting ic's contacts.

 Pefect rosin for all electrical and electronic repairs, extremely increases efficiency of the soldering process.

This  rosin flux can cleanned also using alcohool based solvents or ultrasound bath.

Use a Smoke absorber, or well ventilated area when working !

Package: 1x 14g DGT Special Forumula Colophony Rosin Metal box

Because of the fragility of the material, rosin may look cracked or contain 1-5% of rosin powder or smaller particles wich is normal.

Designed in Uk, packed in UK